After the Fact: 
Kenzō Tange Chair Pavilion
... another experiment in architectural fact-making
Type: Installation
Site: Cambridge, MA
Date: 2022

School: Harvard University, Graduate School of Design

... with Sam Hanson Sheffer, McCloy Leonard, Kate Robinson

This project proposes the insertion of an architectural fact-making device—a wall—in dialogue with the Kenzō Tange Chair Pavilion, American Architecture (Model).

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A Matter of Fact:
Down to a Science
... an experiment in architectural fact-making
Type: Master in Architecture Thesis, with Distinction
Site: Boston, MA
Date: 2022

School: Harvard University, Graduate School of Design

Advisors: Megan Panzano + Lisa Haber-Thomson

  1. Nominated for the GSD James Templeton Kelley Thesis Prize
The popularization of science has historically been understood as the extension of experience from the few to the many. In many ways, determined by the manner of seeing, early modern science and fact-making gained credibility through reproducibility, or rather, the multiplication of witnessing. Through the multiplication of witnessed experiences, Robert Boyle’s seventeenth century experiments in pneumatics represent the development of the experimental performance, making matters of fact both social and epistemological.

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Exhibiting Fungi:
Altered States of Museum Typologies
... an intermediate unit
Unit: Intermediate 13
Site: Epping Forest
Date: 2022 - 2023

School: Architectural Association

... with Jessica Reynolds
Intermediate 13 investigates the role of museums in the environmental emergency, reviewing our relationship to the natural world through a cultural lens. This year, our focus lay within the Natural History Museum’s collection of fungi; from mushrooms and mycelium to spores and psychedelics.

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Framework Embodied2:
Rotch Travelling Scholarship
... a low-carbon addition to the Leon Electric Building
Type: Competition
Site: Boston, MA
Date: 2023

Organizations: the Rotch Trust + Boston Society for Architecture

  1. First Prize
  2. Featured on the BSA Website

Framework, Embodied2 is a (second) low-carbon addition to the Leon Electric Building. This project proposes the secondary embodiment of the existing structural framework of the Leon Electric Building through the addition of a CLT structural stitch. This addition effectively binds together public transportation, co-housing, co-working, care facilities and community spaces, all in order to produce a new type of urban infrastructure for Dorchester.

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Housing Artifacts:
Vitrines for Living
... a collected company
Type: Architecture Core Studio
Site: Boston, MA
Date: 2020

School: Harvard University, Graduate School of Design

Tutor: Megan Panzano

  1. Nominated for the GSD Archive + Media Collection
  2. Presented at the Fall 2020 + Spring 2021 GSD Open Houses
  3. Featured on the GSD Website + Social Media

... with Diandra Rendradjaja

Contemporary housing practices promote density by means of enormity and uniformity. As an economic model, unit sizes and unit types have been standardized, predicated on outdated conventions of family units that create a clear distinction between us, our stuff, and our space.

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