Gymnasium I:
Experiments in Hemp-Crete
... a fieldworks workshop
Type: Material Research
Site: Morongo Valley, CA
Date: 2019

Practice: MILLIØNS + Space Saloon

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... with Aria Griffin, Hyojin Kwon, Alex Yueyan Li

Hemp-crete is a carbon negative building material that approximates many of the thermal properties of traditional concrete construction without the heavy environmental impacts. Gymnasium 01 is an open experiment in the use of hemp-crete for an outdoor communal bathing facility.

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Digital Media:
... a robotic fabrication
Type: Fabrication Research
Date: 2019

School: Harvard University, Graduate School of Design

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... with Dania Ghuneim, Omotara Oluwafemi, Edda Steingrímsdóttir

This artifact examines the stitching of two objects originating from the same parent, with intense focus on formal reconciliation by stitching together seams.

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