Exhibiting Fungi:
Altered States of Museum Typologies
... an intermediate unit
Unit: Intermediate 13
Site: Epping Forest
Date: 2022 - 2023

School: Architectural Association

... with Jessica Reynolds
Intermediate 13 investigates the role of museums in the environmental emergency, reviewing our relationship to the natural world through a cultural lens. This year, our focus lay within the Natural History Museum’s collection of fungi; from mushrooms and mycelium to spores and psychedelics.

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Determinately Indeterminate:
Accessory Commons
... a studio
Studio: Design Discovery
Boston, MA

Harvard University, Graduate School of Design

... with Sam Hanson Sheffer, Rachel Coulomb, Tyler Rodgers

This studio addresses the indeterminacy of architecture. We think indeterminately, focusing on the flexibility of use as a means for speculating about current conditions and near futures in Boston. Starting with a set of assigned case studies, we will investigate architecture’s elements for the capacity to engage public domestics and domestic publics.

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